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馬米高 - 英文KOL之路 The Life of an English KOL

May 2023


在GoodLife × Youtuber系列中,我們將邀請了不同的Youtuber跟學生分享他們的熱情和生活哲學,希望能啟發同學追尋自己熱愛的事。

我們今次邀請到「英文人生教練」- 馬米高,分享一下他從教大畢業後,到成為一位活躍於網上的英文KOL及作家的心路歷程。



時間:6 - 7 pm



語言:廣東話 (設有現場英語傳譯)

YouTube is undoubtedly a significant landmark of modern culture. By allowing users to upload their own videos, the boundary between creator and audience are broken. Some users take the opportunity and share their way of life through lens, and become famous Youtubers.

In GoodLife × Youtuber series, we will invite different Youtubers to share their story and thoughts. From all these fascinating stories, we wish to inspire student to follow their passions.

We have invited Michael MMG, a popular Youtuber, to share his journey of educating English online and share some tips on learning English in daily environment.

Date: 29 May 2023 (Mon)

Time: 6 - 7 pm

Platform: Zoom

Guest: Michael MMG

Language: Cantonese (with English intrepratation)

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