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聆聽.振動 - 頌鉢療癒工作坊Rebalancing with Singing Bowl

Nov 2022




“With the contemplative and heavenly sounds of the singing bowl,our body regains its natural ability of healing and a space of tranquility is created within our mind.”

In ancient times, singing bowls were not only musical instruments played by lamas, but also daily utensils for Tibetans. Its calm and pure sound is gradually being used as a tool for spiritual practice and meditation. Today, many people believe that the singing bowl has certain healing effects on our body. With its unique physical vibration, our intense body and mind can be returned to a state of balance.

Through this workshop, participants will experience a deep relaxation sound bath Therapy and understand how singing bowl therapy can rebalance our body.

Biography of Taylor Ng

Taylor is a professional yoga teacher specialized in instructing Hatha Yoga, Wheel Yoga and Singing Bowl Meditation & Sound Bath. He believes practicing yoga will establish an all-rounded lifestyle that you wanted to achieve.

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