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拳擊的哲學 The Philosophy of Boxing

Aug 2023


While boxing is often misunderstood as a violent activity, it is actually a well-developed sport worldwide. Not only does it involve studies in detailed physical movement, but also philosophical and ethical exploration. We invited Hong Kong active boxing athletes and coach, Day, to illustrate his philosophy and ideas of boxing. Join us to train your body and mind!

日期 Date : 11 Aug 2022 (Fri)

時間 Time : 3 - 5 pm

地點 Venue : Strike Boxing Club, Kwai Chung

名額 Quota : 20*

導師 Instructor : Mr. Day Yuen

導師簡介 - Day Yuen

香港現役拳擊運動員、綜合格鬥技運動員,及Strike Boxing Club創辦人及教練。自2002年在亞洲青年盃獲得銀牌,他多年來在本地拳賽獲勝無數,並多次代表香港出戰海外賽。為五屆60kg及64kg量級香港拳擊冠


Hong Kong active boxer, mixed martial arts athlete, and founder and coach of Strike Boxing Club. In 2002, he won the silver medal of the Asian Youth Cup, and played overseas competitions representing Hong Kong for many years. He has also won 5 times of the 60kg and 64kg Hong Kong Boxing Championship.

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