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GoodLifer In EdUHK

Definition of a "Good Life" for each of us varies: 10,000 EdU members can lead to 10,000 ways of "Good Life". ​ Explore the meanings of "Good Life" from our students.

Rachel, BEd(EL)

「試問嶺南應不好,卻道:此心安處是吾鄉。」 我係讀緊BEd(EL)嘅Rachel。Goodlife係甘於平凡的勇氣,努力擁抱身邊嘅同行者。上莊遇到喺高低起伏都係我避風港嘅莊員,落莊之後做「死老鬼」,回歸平凡,就更有空間愛與被愛。❤️


Bruno, BABEd(EL)

I'm Bruno from BABEd(EL). My definition of Goodlife is to be able to have friends that support me unconditionally and share their every trivial, yet memorable bits of life with me. XOXO

Zoe, BEd(CL)



Jacky, BEd(CL)

我係讀緊BEd(CL)既Jacky。對我嚟講,Good Life就是 和他們一齊看西貢的海 一齊chok墨魚 一齊睇日落月升 一齊訓係船上面睇滿月數星星 一齊食好多好多餐飯 Good Life是,你知道苦澀時候總會有的那份甜。

Yuliya, BA(LS)&BEd(EL)

I am Yuliya from BA(LS)&BEd(EL). Goodlife for me is the constant aspiration to pursue happiness. Whether it is in small things, such as beautiful sky and tasty food, or in big events, such as travel, I strive to be happy.


Vivien, PhD

Hello everyone~ I am Vivien. 'Goodlife' is where I have a balance of work-self-life. Having solitary moments where I can explore new baking recipes or indulge in things I love, and spending time doing life with friends and family; exploring the nature or the latest exhibition in town. 

Terry, BEd(Eng)

我喺讀BEd(Eng)既Terry。對我黎講,可以探索呢個世界既唔同面向,接觸得到更加多來自唔同背景既人就係Good life。期待喺黎緊淨返4年既大學生涯,都可以接觸到更多既新事物!


Toby, BEd(EL)

I am Toby from BEd(English Language). My definition of having a Good Life is to be able to experience the 5As which are to Allow, Accept, Accompany, Acknowledge and Appreciate. Having a life in which I can allow myself to feel my emotions, accept and embrace who I really am, accompany my loved ones through the ups and the downs, while acknowledging the fact that everything is temporary, and taking the time to appreciate all the things, woeful or blissful, happen in life is what I call a Good Life. In short, slow down and live in this beautiful moment!

Stella, BEd(CL)


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