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About GoodLife@EdUHK

從生活中學習,學習享受生活。於2023/24年度,Goodlife@EdUHK 會帶來一系列有關心理健康、社會幸福感及文化探索的活動,包括工作坊、講座、網上平台等,透過體驗探索不同人的生活方式、熱情及哲學,建立你獨有的生活態度,一起創造屬於教大師生的「一萬種生活」。


To enjoy life, you must get to know life. In 2023/24, Good Life@EdUHK will bring you a new experience on psychological and social well-being as well as cultural exploration. You can experience different kinds of lives through workshops, activities and our online platform. Stay tuned!

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